Military Grade COTS LCD Displays

Industrial Panels - Your Solution for Quality COTS Military LCD Displays

If you’re looking for reliable and high-quality COTS Military LCD Displays, your search is over. Industrial Panels is a manufacturer of COTS Military Displays. These displays are used in the marketplace for demanding applications such as:

Our Rugged COTS Military LCD Display Monitors are capable of operating under the most severe environmental conditions withstanding extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, high altitudes, and marine exposure. Many of our COTS Military Monitors meet NEMA 4/4X IP65/67 requirements.

Reliable and Durable COTS Military Displays - The Industrial Panels Promise

At Industrial Panels, we know how crucial it is to have reliable and high quality equipment at your fingertips. We know this is especially true for the military. Our COTS Military Displays are designed for:

For the reasons listed above, this is why our monitors are ideal for military and mission control.

Our displays come with many features that make them easy and convenient to use. Our branded A/D LCD controllers allow compatibility with a wide range of video standards such as RS170 and RS343 - type interlaced composite video formats typically found in military applications. Industrial Panels' COTS Military Displays are compatible with:

TTL-Style Video Formats:
Standard Computer Formats:

This ensures that these video displays are well-suited to support new and older video display equipment.

Some of Industrial Panels' products that will enhance your military missions include:

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Military Grade COTS LCD Displays

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