12” Okuma OSP Monitor Replacement


Okuma OSP Graphic Panel 5000ASG (OSP5000L) -  Monitor E0105-800-020-1
Okuma OSP Graphic Panel 5000LSG (OSP5000L) - Monitor - E0105-800-020
Okuma OSP Operating Panel 5020LSY (OSP5020L) - Monitor E0105-800-138
Okuma OSP Operating Panel 5020MSY (OSP5020M) - Monitor E0105-800-142
Matsushita TR-121AYB Monitor

Industrial Panels offers a cost effective 10.4” LCD monitor replacement for the Okuma E0105-800-020, Okuma E0105-800-138 and Okuma E0105-800-142 12” monochrome monitor used in the Okuma OSP Operating Panel Series.  This LCD replacement monitor, model QES1510-027 has a rugged steel chassis and is designed to drop into the mounting frame of the original Okuma OSP Operating Panel Monitor.  In addition, this new 10.4” LCD monitor has mating video, power input connections, circuitry and firmware engineered specifically for plug and play installs into the Okuma E0105-800-020, E0105-800-138, E0105-800-142 and Matsushita TR-121AYB.

Because many of these systems date to the early 80’s, equipment owners find it very difficult to find replacements for their Okuma CNC Monitors.  In some instances, even Okuma no longer supports the particular CNC Machine or system.  Our engineering staff will be happy to customize a rugged LCD display to meet the unique Okuma CNC Monitor specifications required and extend the life of your production equipment.

We guarantee it will work in your old control.  For the past several years, Industrial Panels has concentrated on designing and producing LCD replacement monitors for obsolete and hard-to-find legacy CRT and Industrial Monitors.  Drawing on twenty five years of experience in manufacturing CRT displays for the OEM market place, Industrial-Panels has developed and produces LCD display solutions for a wide range of CNC Machine Tools, Factory Automation, Process Controls and other legacy manufacturing systems.

Equivalent Model Numbers:Okuma E0105-800-020, Okuma E0105800020, Okuma E0105-800-020-1, Okuma E01058000201, Okuma E0105-800-138, Okuma E0105800138, Okuma E0105-800-142, Okuma E0105800142, Matsushita TR121AYB, Matsushita TR -121AYB

Direct Replacements

The list below represents legacy products that can be replaced with this product.

Manufacturer CNC / Equip. Description Original Part # Monitor Description
Matsushita Okuma OSP Operating Panel 5020 LSY (OSP5020L) 12" Monochrome TR-121AYB
Okuma Okuma OSP Graphic Panel 5000 ASG (OSP5000L) 12" Monochrome E0105-800-020-1
Okuma Okuma OSP Graphic Panel 5000 LSG (OSP5000L) 12" Monochrome E0105-800-020
Okuma Okuma OSP Operating Panel 5020 LSY (OSP5020L) 12" Mono Inverter Video E0105-800-138
Okuma Okuma OSP Operating Panel 5020MSY (OSP5020M) 12 " Monochrome E0105-800-142
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Replacement Monitor

Industrial Panels offers a new line of industrial LCD replacements for outdated CRT displays used in many OEM systems.

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