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Industrial Panels rugged Industrial Color and Grayscale LCD TFT Displays are designed to comply with a wide variety of standard and non-standard video display formats such as RS170, RS343, composite sync or sync-on-green (SOG), as well as TTL-style CGA, EGA and MDA interfaces. This extreme versatility is accomplished by virtue of our proprietary A/D LCD controller that accepts signal formats falling within the 15.75 to 68 kHz range.

Replacement Monitors

In addition, our displays are designed to withstand the most extreme operational conditions and are perfect solutions for all industrial applications factory control and process control markets. The rugged QES1500 series of LCD flat panel displays can be packaged in Rack Mount, NEMA-rated Panel Mount, Wall Mount, Table Top, Open Frame or an OEM-specified console chassis. These panels are offered with a multitude of options such as Touch Screens, Sun Light Readable, BNC's input connectors, Special Signal Interface and many more.

In today's fast-changing environment, many companies are finding it difficult to support their legacy monitor product lines. Industrial Panels can help. Over the past 20 years, we have developed several stable product lines ideally suited to meet your legacy monitor needs.

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Replacement Monitor

Industrial Panels offers a new line of industrial LCD replacements for outdated CRT displays used in many OEM systems.

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