14" Mazak C5470 Replacement Monitor


Replaces for the following Mazak CNC monitors: C-5470, 8DSP40, 26S-14O19L and CD1472-D1M Mazak Monitor.

The QES1512-205 directly replaces the following Mazak CNC Monitors: C-5470 Mazak Monitor, 8DSP40 Mazak Monitor, 26S-14O19L Mazak Monitor, and the CD1472-D1M Mazak Monitor, and is designed to drop right into the existing mounting brackets. In addition, the QES1512-205 LCD Display can replace your Mazatrol monitors, Meldas Monitors, Sharp CNC monitors, Yamazaki monitors and many others.

Check out Industrial Panels Model QES1512-205 LCD display the next time you need a drop in replacement for your Mazak CNC Monitors.  Whether you need a Mazak 14 In Replacement Monitor for your Mazak Mitsubishi M32 Controls or Mazak Mitsubishi T32 Controls, the QES1512-205 LCD display is the monitor to fit your needs.

Upgrading your old console unit with a QES1512-205 Mazak 14 In Replacement Monitor is a cost-effective way of extending the useful life of your existing automation investment.  Replace your old, low-performance CRT display unit with a new, affordable, quality replacement LCD Flat Panel display.

Direct Replacements

The list below represents legacy products that can be replaced with this product.

Manufacturer CNC / Equip. Description Original Part # Monitor Description
Industrial Panels Mazak / Mitsubishi Control Systems 14" Color CRT QES2014-212
Matsushita Mitsubishi Mildas and Quickturn Controls 14" Color Monitor C-5470NS
Mazak Mazak / Mitsubishi Quickturn Controls 14" Color Monitor 8DSP40
Mazak Mazak / Mitsubishi Quickturn Controls 14" Color Monitor CD1472-DIM
Mazak Mazak Mitsubishi M32 T32 & Meldas Controls, Mazatrol, Mitsubishi and Yamazaki machine 14" Color Monitor C-5470
Mazak Mitsubishi based Quickturn Controls 14" Color Monitor 26S-14019L, 26S-14019C
Mazak Mitsubishi based Quickturn Controls 14 In Color Monitor 26S-14019C
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Mildas and Quickturn Controls 14" Color Monitor C-5470NS
Omni Vision Mazak 14" Color Monitor E14DC-ZL-REV.1
Sharp Mitsubishi Controls, Mildas, Mazak, Yamazaki, Mazatrol Machines 14" Color Monitor A1QA-8DSP40
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Replacement Monitor

Industrial Panels offers a new line of industrial LCD replacements for outdated CRT displays used in many OEM systems.

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