15" CGA Display MICROS Kitchen Monitor


Industrial Panels' QES1515-015 CGA Monitors can be used in many applications that require a quality 15-inch CGA Display, such as a MICROS Kitchen Monitor replacement for the MICROS VDU Controller #400305.  The QES1515-015 15-inch CGA Display comes in an attractive plastic enclosure and is fully compatible with the RGBI TTL video technology (Red/Green/Blue/Intensify) used in the original 16 Color IBM Color Graphics Adapter with no need for signal adapters of any sort, and be converted to an MDA video Monochrome monitor with a special video cable.  It is also compatible with many other legacy TTL Video Display Unit (VDU) Controllers used in older POS display systems such as the MICROS VDU Controller #400305 used in the MICROS Kitchen Monitor –2400 / 4000 Series, as well as many industrial legacy display systems.

Direct Replacements

The list below represents legacy products that can be replaced with this product.

Manufacturer CNC / Equip. Description Original Part # Monitor Description
Micros Micros VDU Controller #4000305 15" Color Monitor - original monitor size 12" Micros Kitchen Monitor
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Replacement Monitor

Industrial Panels offers a new line of industrial LCD replacements for outdated CRT displays used in many OEM systems.

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