Rack Mount Industrial LCD Monitors

At Industrial Panels, we’re known for providing quality and reliable materials and displays. We continue to offer quality products with our durable and reliable rack mount LCD display monitors. Each display is assembled in a rugged rack mount chassis suitable for:


Multi-frequency plug & play capability enables this versatile Rack Mount Flat Panel Display to easily interface with a wide variety of video display systems. This robust color LCD monitor is easily compatible with older Rack Mount Legacy Monitors with the following features:

Standard Features

The QES1500 Rack Mount Legacy Monitors LCD Series are a rugged, high performance, Active Matrix COLOR TFT LCD monitors designed for all industrial process control applications with the following features:

The QES1500 series of rack mount monitors is a good choice for all of your industrial display needs. These standard features make this versatile LCD monitor a good choice for any control room or equipment rack.

Additional Rack Mount Display Options

Our standard Rack Mount LCD Displays may be customized to suit specific customer requirements. Some of the options offered are:

CRT Replacement & Compatibility

Because our Rack Mount flat panel display can be programmed to operate at horizontal frequencies lower than VGA formatted signals, we are able to offer customers a display product to replace old CRT displays in existing industrial controls. As 20” CRTs have become obsolete, many of these older CRT display monitors are no longer supported by the original equipment manufacturer. Now Industrial Panels offers an affordable and fast display solution to customers having these older control systems.

If you’re interested in purchasing or learning more about our Rugged Rack Mount Industrial LCD Monitors, contact Industrial Panels today!

Rack Mount Industrial LCD Monitors
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Replacement Monitor

Industrial Panels offers a new line of industrial LCD replacements for outdated CRT displays used in many OEM systems.

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