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Industrial Panels offers a full line of replacement LCD monitors for FANUC controls 3, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, Fanuc O, Fanuc 16, Fanuc 18 and Fanuc 21 Series Controls.  We specialize in the replacement of the original CNC CRT monitor with a new Flat Panel Display.  To accomplish this task we have developed specific programming for our LCD monitors that allow compatibility with older video formats like those present in FANUC control systems.  We also have specific mechanical design for easy installation.

Industrial Panels can help you find an affordable solution to replace your Fanuc CNC Monitor with a more reliable, energy efficient and cost-effective flat panel LCD.  For years, we have specialized in modifying our LCD display monitors to meet our customer’s CNC CRT Monitor needs.  We now provide an affordable drop-in 9” Color Fanuc Monitor replacement, 12 " Fanuc Monitor replacement and 14” Color Fanuc Monitor replacement.  

Each of our displays incorporates special timing and unique packaging and are designed to replace 9 In Fanuc Control CRT models: A61L-0001-0071, A61L-0001-0076, A61L-0001-0086, A61L-0001-0090, A61L-0001-0092, A61L-0001-0093, A61L-0001-0095.  We also have LCD replacements for 12” Fanuc Control CRT models A61L-0001-0077, A61L-0001-0078 and A61L-0001-0087. Lastly, we have LCD replacements for 14” Fanuc Control CRT models: A61L-0001-0074, A61L-0001-0094, A61L-0001-0096 and A02B-0163-C322.

We understand the importance of finding a fast, reliable and affordable solution to your Fanuc CNC replacement monitor needs. That is why we have stock of the more commonly requested Fanuc monitor replacements and can provide same day shipment on those models if needed. The less popular models can be assembled and tested in just one or two days. So, our replacement monitors are always available and ready to ship for new and returning customers.

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Industrial Panels offers a new line of industrial LCD replacements for outdated CRT displays used in many OEM systems.

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