12” Allen Bradley 7300-ACRT Series Control


CRT Monitor For Allen Bradley 7300-ACRT Control

Direct Drop in LCD Monitor Replacements for Ball Brothers TV-12

Allen Bradley Part Number: 628893 or 628893-04

Allen Bradley 7300-ACRT Series Control
Allen Bradley 628893 or 628893-04

For the past several years, Industrial Panels has concentrated on designing and producing LCD monitor replacements for obsolete and hard-to-find legacy CRT monitors. Drawing on 20 years experience of manufacturing CRT displays for the OEM market place,  We have developed and produces LCD display solutions for a wide range of CNC Machine Tools, Factory Automation, Process Controls and other legacy manufacturing systems.

Now, Industrial Panels offers an economical 12.1" LCD monitor replacement for the obsolete Ball Brothers TV-12 -12" CRT monitor in the Allen Bradley 7300-ACRT Control. LCD monitor model QES1510-072 has a rugged steel chassis and is designed to drop into the mounting holes of the original Ball Brothers TV12 CRT Monitor.  This new 12.1" LCD monitor has mating video and power input connections, and with circuitry and firmware engineered specifically for the Allen Bradley 7300-ACRT, is guaranteed to work in your old control.

Our rugged, industrial-grade series of 12.1" open frame displays employs a high resolution Active Matrix COLOR LCD with a viewable screen area comparable with any 12" CRT.  We also use the latest microprocessor controlled A/D boards, with specific HEX file programming to ensure compatibility with older system video signals.  A bright, sharp, crisp image is a by-product of the painstaking effort to correctly match each LCD monitor model to the OEM video signal.  So, no matter how old, or complicated, your CRT monitor in your CNC machine might seem to you, we assure you that we have a worry free replacement LCD monitor.

Direct Replacements

The list below represents legacy products that can be replaced with this product.

Manufacturer CNC / Equip. Description Original Part # Monitor Description
Allen Bradley Allen Bradley 7300 Series 12" Monochrome 7300-ACRT
Allen Bradley Allen Bradley 7300 Series 12" Monochrome 7300-ACRT1
Allen Bradley Allen Bradley 7300 Series 12" Monochrome 628893
Allen Bradley Allen Bradley 7300 Series 12" Monochrome 628893-04
Ball Brothers Allen Bradley 7300 Series 12" Monochrome TV-12
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Replacement Monitor

Industrial Panels offers a new line of industrial LCD replacements for outdated CRT displays used in many OEM systems.

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