12” Mazak MDT1283B Monitor


MDT1283B Mazak Monitor, Totoku MDT1283B-1A, Toshiba MDT1283B-1A Monitor Replacement

MDT1283B Mazak Monitor Replacement 

Mazak M2 T2 System, Mazak T/Mplus T/M32B System Monitor Replacement

The MDT1283B Mazak monitor dates to the mid 1980’s, and was installed into the Mazak M2 T2 System and Mazak T/Mplus T/M32B Systems.  The Mazak MDT1283-B Monitor was originally a 12" Monochrome Amber CRT with TTL video input and can be identified by the following OEM model numbers; Toshiba MDT1283B-1A, Totoku MDT1283B-1A and Omni Vision LP1224FN9-LA.

Now, Industrial Panels manufactures a replacement LCD monitor with LED backlight, model QES1510-050.  This new LCD monitor is a plug and play substitute for the old CRT unit.  It is designed to be plug and play and easily attaches to the existing CRT metal chassis mounting brackets, after the CRT has been removed.  It mechanically and electronically functions in all Mitsubishi system controls that were originally equipped with the Mazak MDT1283-B Monitor.

Upgrading your old console CRT unit with an LED backlit QES1510-050 Mazak 12 in Replacement Monitor increases productivity by providing a brighter, sharper and crisper image. In addition the LCD upgrade is cost-effective and extends the useful life of your existing automation investment.  Replace your old, low-performance CRT display unit with a new, affordable, quality replacement LCD Flat Panel display.

Check out the QES1510-050 industrial LCD monitor the next time you need to replace old Mazak CNC monitors.  Whether you need a Mazak 12 in Replacement Monitor for your Mazak Mitsubishi M32 Controls or Mazak Mitsubishi T32 Controls the QES1510-050 LCD display is the monitor to fit your Mazak equipment.

Equivalent Model NumbersMDT1283, MDT-1283, MDT-1283B, MDT1283-B, MDT1283B-2A, MDT-1283-B-LA, MDT-1283-02, MDT1283-02, MDT1283B-1A, MDT1283B1A.

Direct Replacements

The list below represents legacy products that can be replaced with this product.

Manufacturer CNC / Equip. Description Original Part # Monitor Description
Mazak Mazak M2 T2 System, T/Mplus, T/M32B 12" Mono Amber Monitor MDT1283B
Omni Vision Mazak 12" Mono Amber Monitor LP1224FN9-LA
Toshiba Mazak M2 T2 System, T/Mplus, T/M32B 12" Amber Mono Monitor MDT1283B-1A
Totoku Mazak M2 T2 System, T/Mplus, T/M32B 12" Amber Mono Monitor MDT1283B-1A
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Replacement Monitor

Industrial Panels offers a new line of industrial LCD replacements for outdated CRT displays used in many OEM systems.

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