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In today's fast-changing environment, it's becoming more and more difficult for many companies to find replacement display monitors for their costly industrial equipment.  Often, the CRT monitor originally installed in an older CNC Machine tool or Industrial Lathe control has become obsolete and is no longer supported by the original manufacturer.  In some cases, the original monitor manufacturer may even be out of business.  

In today's market, repairing a failed CRT display may be impossible, and replacements can be costly and hard (if not impossible) to come by.  Indeed, most modern LCD monitors simply will not function properly when used to replace a CRT monitor in a legacy control system.  

To make matters worse, most monitor manufacturers don't want to be 'bothered' with supporting legacy systems that are not their own. Even if they agree to look at your problem, they are often very expensive.

Legacy Monitor Replacement Solutions

Industrial Panels can help you find an affordable solution to replace your display monitor. For years, we have specialized in modifying our LCD display monitors to meet our customer's Legacy Monitor needs. We now provide affordable drop-in CRT replacement LCD Monitors for a wide variety of industrial legacy computer monitor applications that require special timing or unique packaging, and the list keeps growing.  To find a suitable replacement LCD monitor, please click the following link to our latest Replacement Monitor Cross-Reference listing of new LCD replacements for your old CRT monitors.  There you can search by OEM system or CRT manufacture's model number for the appropriate LCD replacement.

If you are having trouble sourcing a video display for one of the following older machines, our engineering staff will be happy to customize a rugged LCD display to meet the unique computer monitor specifications required and extend the life of your production equipment.

If we don't have a standard replacement LCD display for your particular CRT monitor model, we'll be glad to work with you to arrive at a cost-effective solution.  Often, all that we need you to provide us with is basic pin-out and/or timing information and mounting information and we'll do the rest.

It may be possible for you to send us your old monitor chassis or enclosure and we'll install our electronics, or design a chassis that will mount in the same location as the original CRT monitor. Occasionally, more information may be required, but we'll be happy to work with you.

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Industrial Panels offers a new line of industrial LCD replacements for outdated CRT displays used in many OEM systems.

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